Aerospace engineering books FOR GATE 2013

If you are preparing for the GATE 2009 in aerospace then this is the post that you shouldn't miss. Recently someone posted this following list of books for preparation for aerospace in gate 2009!!
"Hi friends,
After searching on a forum I have got a list of books that must be studied for Gate AE. Many thanks to the person who originally posted this topic:
Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Grewal
Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Kreizig
Flight Mechanics:
Introduction to flight - Anderson
Aircraft Performance & Design - Anderson
Flight Stability and Automatic Control - Robert C Nelson
Airplane Stability and Control - Pertin and Hage
Aerodynamics,Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics - Barnes.W.Mcormick
Space Mechanics:
Rocket Propulsion and space Dynamics - Cornelisse
Space Mechanics - Nelson, Walter C.; Loft, Ernest E.
Introduction To Space Dynamics - Thomson, William Tyrrell
Introduction to flight - Anderson
Introduction to flight - Anderson
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics - Anderson
Aerodynamics for Engineering Students - Houghton and Carpenter/Caruthers
Aerodynamics - Clancy
Modern Compressible flow - Anderson
Gas dynamics - Rathakrishnan
Viscous flow - F M white
Analysis of Aircraft Structures: An Introduction -Donaldson
Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures - Bruhn
Aircraft structures for engineering students - T.H.G. Megson
Theory of vibration - Meirovich
Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion - Hill and petersen
Gas Turbine Theory - H Cohen,GFC Rogers,HIH Saravanamutto
Gas Turbine Engine Handbook - Meherwan P.Boyce
Elements of Rocket Propulsion - Sutton
For Basic Fundamentals:
Principles of Flight - Mike Burton
From the ground up - Sandy MacDonalds
Flight without Formulae - Kermode
Mechanics of Flight - Kermode
All the Best... "
I agree with all the books and if you see most of the books are ones that you might have read in AeSI syllabus. GATE is all about basics, so keep them strong and do tons and tons of problems!! That's the basic secret of cracking GATE!!
So what do you think? what are the other books that you read?Is the list missing something? Do tell me in comments.

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